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www.littlecaesarslistens.com – Little Caesars Listen Customer Satisfaction Survey- Hi! Since you are here searching. It’s such an oblivious thing that you want to know about the Survey conducted by Little Caesars. Yess! You are in the perfect place for it! Since I’m going to discuss this amazing survey in this blog. Let’s get it!



All surveys are done just to improve the company or restaurant according to the customers and that’s what Little Caesars Restaurant does as well. This little Caesars Listen is an official survey conducted by the Little Caesars Pizza Restaurant.

You must have heard about right if you are from the US? Well, then what’s with the delay in taking the survey? Don’t worry, you aren’t wasting your time because as compensation the restaurant is providing you rewards as well which we are gonna discuss ahead. Here is the official link to the survey, www.littlecaesarslistens.com.

How to take little-caesar listens survey?

Little Caesars Listens Detail 
Survey NameLittle Caesars Listens
Survey CompanyLittle Caesars
Survey URLwww.littlecaesarslistens.com
Survey PrizeWin $15000 or Pizza for 1 Year
  1. Visit the restaurant and have a product. Then you need to have the receipt in handy.
  2. Then you need to click on the official survey website of Little Caesars which is LittleCaesarsListens.com.
  3. Select your preferred language between English and Spanish.
  4. There you need to check your restaurant location while in the next you have to enter the survey code printed in your receipt.
  5. Then next there will be Questions on your last visit to the restaurant, answer them honestly as well as rate them.
  6. Then after you finish answering them you need to enter your personal information for the reward.

Benefits and Rewards of the Survey:


The restaurant doesn’t give you any direct reward but it surely gives you a chance to win $15000 Sweepstakes or to win Free Pizza for 1 Year. So now isn’t this tempting if you get to be the lucky customer to win the reward?! Now, what are you waiting for go and try it out!

Terms and Conditions of the survey:

  1. You have to be of at least 18 years or older
  2. You need to be a legal resident of the US.
  3. The restaurant receipt is important to take part in the survey.
  4. Electronic device with stable internet connection.
  5. Basic knowledge in English or Spanish.
  6. One receipt one entry.
  7. You can’t be an employee of the Little Caesars or their family member as well to take part in the survey.

About the Little Caesars:


Little Caesars was established in the year of 1959 being a single-family restaurant. It was founded by Mike and Marian Ilitch. The restaurant is now the third-largest pizza chain in the world.

Little Caesar’s headquarter is in Detroit, Michigan. It has 50+ stores in the US with 27+ in other locations around the world. The place’s specialization is its pizza.


That’s all in today’s blog. Hope you enjoyed your reading here and find this blog sufficient enough to mend your queries and confusion. it is a well-researched article on the Littlecaesarlistens survey.

It does have all the information you need to know before giving the survey. If you still have any more questions do visit the official website of the restaurant. Until then good luck with the reward! and see ya!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Is Little Caesars cheap?

Ans: yes, it is compared to other pizza places.

  1. Why is Little Caesar named such?

Ans: It is just an inspired name. Little Caesar is actually the nickname of the co-founder.

  1. Do we really need to buy a product to take part in the Littlecaesarlistens survey?

Ans: Yes, since after buying the product you will get the receipt where the survey code is written.

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