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www.emsarlistens.com – Emsar Listens Survey: Emsar Customer Satisfaction survey –  Have you heard about Emsar/ Yes? Ever visited the place and bought or repaired any products? Then what took you so long to take the survey conducted by the company itself officially? I mean you have a great chance to win exciting rewards as well! Don’t worry that’s not all information we got about. I am not here to disappoint you with all the talks. Let’s know more about the survey.



Lemme remind you. Every satisfaction you take from a company, you help them to improve their company.  It’s the same for Emsar Inc. they have conducted this survey to improvise their company.  And no you are not doing it for free! they have arranged rewards as well for the Customers who are taking the survey helping them to improve themselves. Though the rewards will be discussed ahead in this blog. So stay tuned! Who knows if you will be the next customer to win the reward.

How to take EmsarListens Survey?

  1.       You must have visited Emsar and have a receipt from the place.
  2.       Then you need to visit the official survey website of the survey place which is www.Emsarlistens.com.
  3.       After going to the website you will be asked to select and enter the store location, service center, and technician name from the receipt.
  4.       Now there will be a bunch of questionnaires regarding your last visit to the place with some ratings as well which you have to answer honestly.
  5.       Then you will be also asked to give your opinion about the place.
  6.       After filling all of these you need to enter your personal details like name, phone number, and email id to get the rewards or at least have a chance to get one.
  7.       Then submit the survey to get a chance to win the reward.

Rewards and Benefits of the Survey:

Emsar listens

Since you are taking the survey of Emsar Inc. giving your auspicious time the company also arranged some rewards for you to show their gratitude and compensate for the time. The company gives you a chance to win A MINI IPAD! Isn’t this offer breathtaking I mean imagine having an IPAD MINI for FREE just by giving the survey.

So now what are you waiting for! Just take the survey if you have visited the place or visiting the place.

Terms and Conditions of the Survey:

Emsar Listens Detail 
Survey NameEmsar Listens
Survey CompanyEmsar
Survey URLwww.emsarlistens.com
  1.       You need to be at least  18 or older to be able to take part in the survey.
  2.       The customers taking part in the survey needs to be a legal resident of  Australia.
  3.       You need to have the receipt of the place to take part in the survey.
  4.       Only one survey per household.
  5.       There are no other types of entries that are available to take part in this survey and if you are taking any other means you aren’t eligible for the survey.
  6.       You can take part in this only once per receipt.
  7.       Employees working under Emsar with their families are not allowed to take part in the survey.
  8.       You need to have a basic idea of English.
  9.       An electronic device like a computer, Laptop, phone, or tabs is needed with a stable wifi or internet connection to be able to take part in the survey.
  10.   A valid email address is required to be able to win this survey.

About the Emsar Inc.

Emsar Inc is a family-oriented company that customizes service solutions.  It repairs and specializes in equipment installation. Maintenance, and repair across a wide range of products.  It is across the US and Canada. EMSAR stands for E- Equipment, M- Management, S- Service, R- Repair.  It provides medical equipment services and repair solutions.


This is a well-researched blog on Emsar Listens survey. I hope all your queries and confusion regarding this survey has solved through our blog. That’s all I have for today. In case you have any more queries left, do let me know through the comment section. Until then good luck with the reward. See ya!

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

  1.       Is a purchase necessary to take part in the survey?

Ans: Yes, it is necessary to take part in the survey.

  1. Is it only available for Australian Residents?

Ans’ Yes the survey is only available for Australian Residents.

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